Professionals trained in collaborative family law, including lawyers, financial advisors and mental health professionals, an ideal option for anyone seeking an Alberta divorce lawyer consultation for a collaborative divorce, a cheap or affordable divorce without going to court.

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Collaborative Divorce is an out-of-court process that enables separating or divorcing spouses to create their own settlement with the support of highly trained professionals.

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The better way to protect your children, assets and privacy

Collaborative Divorce is for clients who want to put the interests of their children first, protect their assets, preserve important relationships and maintain their privacy. Over its 20-year history, Collaborative Divorce has been used in a variety of situations including long-term marriages, same sex relationships, financially complex marriages and pre and post nuptial agreements.

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Going through divorce raises many questions—about children, money, housing, assets, and more. Fortunately, you don’t have to work through these questions alone. In a Collaborative Divorce, a team of specially trained Collaborative professionals supports you in addressing your concerns and assists you in making sound decisions.

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Marcus Sixta

Important changes coming to Division of Property for Common Law Relationships

The division of property after separation in a common law relationship is going to change dramatically in Alberta on January 1, 2020. After this date, common law couples will have the same rights to property as married couples as a result of Bill 28 which will amend the Family Law Act in Alberta. That means that they will share all property accumulated during the common law relationship on a 50-50 basis after separation unless there are assets which are exempt from shared division, but these exemptions will be the same as for married couples. Family law in Alberta has always...

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Sandy Miller MA, CPCC, ACC, CDC

Finding your best self in moving forward from a divorce or separation

Dorothy, in the movie “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” befriends three new companions on her journey to the Emerald City.  To her dismay, she found that each new friend lacked...

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